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1.Strategy of development of green economy and green labour market in Wielkopolska2014[pdf, 12.89 MB]
2.Handbook "Employment Fair Play Standard. Responsible human resources management considering age management"2013[pdf, 1.61 MB]
3.Handbook "Become a Mentor"2013[pdf, 0.95 MB]
4.Publication "Good practices in age and human resources management especially considering employees 50+"2013[pdf, 1.98 MB]
5.Gaps and barriers in the process of initialization, planning and implementation of R&D projects in łódzkie voivodeship along with realization recommendations on how to overcome them2012[pdf, 1.36 MB]
6.Good practices of cooperation between universities and business2011[zip, 2.92 MB]
7.Freedom of economic activity in Poland. The best executive practices 2011[pdf, 3.59 MB]
8.GOOD GOVERNANCE THROUGH SOCIAL CONTRIBUTION. The best practices of conducting consultations with NGOs. Recommendations for Poland.2011[pdf, 4.22 MB]
10.Business models of companies created on the basis of universities2011[pdf, 18.65 MB]
11.Report: BUILDING COOPERATION BETWEEN SCIENCE AND BUSINESS in lubelskie voivodeship2010[pdf, 8.73 MB]
12.High Quality Job for Śląsk. Mechanisms, instruments and solutions for increasing the number of well paid jobs in śląskie voivodeship.2010[pdf, 11.38 MB]
13.Business models of creation and development of spin off companies on the basis of universities2010[pdf, 4.73 MB]
14.High Quality Job. Mechanisms, instruments and solutions for increasing the number of well paid jobs in mazowieckie voivodeship.2010[pdf, 10.39 MB]
15.Regional monitoring of freedom of economic activity in Poland2010[pdf, 2.84 MB]
16.Research Report "Entrepreneurs? expectations from higher education institutions" 2010[pdf, 0.32 MB]
17.Conditions of effective cooperation between science and business2009[pdf, 3.92 MB]
18.Practical usefulness of scientific research and R&D works. Planning and conducting scientific research in cooperation with economy2009[pdf, 4.51 MB]
19.Social responsibility of financial institutions2009[pdf, 1.39 MB]
20.Knowledge sharing, mentoring and e-learning within European companies 20092009[pdf, 0.26 MB]
21.Knowledge sharing, mentoring and e-learning within Polish companies 20092009[pdf, 0.49 MB]
22.Polish entrepreneurs against corruption. Anti-corruption mechanisms in business practice 2008[pdf, 1.16 MB]
23.Electronic self-government communication. Innovative tools for advocacy of social interests 2008[pdf, 1.48 MB]
24.Corporate Social Responsibility in Small and Medium Entreprises2008[pdf, 2.22 MB]
25.The impact of Corporate Social Responsibility on corporate management2007[pdf, 3.73 MB]
26.Human Resources Management Standard "Fair Play Employment" - 2007, IPED. Requirements of the Standard2007[doc, 0.41 MB]
27.Fair Play Employment Standard - Responsible Human Resources Management2007[pdf, 0.93 MB]
28.Advocacy on local and regional level. Handbook for social partners2007[zip, 1.12 MB]
29.Advocacy on local and regional level. Handbook for local authorities2007[zip, 1.9 MB]
30.Code of Fair Legislation Practices2007[pdf, 0.56 MB]
31.Fair Economic Legislation Practices. International experiences and the possibilities to adapt them to Polish legal and economic system2007[pdf, 0.98 MB]
32.Analysis of economic benefits of the application of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) rules in Polish enterprises2007[doc, 0.08 MB]
33.Strategies of Tax Competition and Harmonization in Enlarged European Union (25) and Their Potential Impact on Net Transfers of European Union to "New" Member States2006[zip, 0.16 MB]
34.Culture of Employment in Polish Companies2006[zip, 1.03 MB]
35.Political Parties Programs Comparative Analysis2005[zip, 0.14 MB]
36.Impact of Tax Harmonization with EU on Economies of Central European Countries during the Pre-Accession Period. IPED Working Papers Series No 22005[zip, 0.21 MB]
37.Tax and Labor Cost Competition in Central Europe in European Union Pre - Accession Period. IPED Working Papers Series No 12005[zip, 0.15 MB]
38.Barriers to the Development of Knowledge-Based Industries in Central Europe. Strategies for Barrier Elimination2004---
39.Tax Instruments for Innovation Support2003---
40.Financing of Technology Business2003---
41.Influence of The Judiciary over Business Development in Poland2002---
42.Capital Investment Funding in Poland2002---
43.Support to the High-Tech SME Development in Poland. Foreign Solutions and Polish Regional Programmes2002---
44.Co-Operation between Non-Governmental Organisations and Local Authorities2001---
45.Private Sector Strategies for Combating Corruption in Poland2001---
46.Polish Economy Facing Fast Restructuring2001---
47.Building Partnership for SME′s Development. Strategy for Lubuskie Region2000---
48.Polish Business Towards Corruption2000---
49.Application of Internet in the Development of Polish SMEs2000---
50.Strengthening of Business Associations in Poland2000---
51.Legal Culture of Polish Businessmen2000---
52.Assistance to Rural Women in Poland. Evaluation of Available Programs2000---
53.SME Contribution to Income Tax Revenues in Poland1999---
54.Strategy of SME Development in Pila Municipality1999---
55.Polish Voivodship Development Strategies Compared to the US and German Experience1999---
56.Threats to Economic Stability in Central and Eastern Europe1999---
57.Business People Opinions about Poland′s Accession to the European Union1999---
58.SME Adjustment to Poland′s European Union Integration1999---
59.Principles of the Business Ethical Responsibility1999---
60.SME Survey Results of 19981998---
61.Political Culture of the Polish Democracy1998---
62.Deregulation of Licensing System in Poland1998---
63.Needs for Deregulation of the tax System in Central Europe: A Comparative Study1998---
64.Bank Financing of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (report financed by EC PHARE and USAID)1998---
65.Investment Strategies of the Communities1997---
66.Assessment of the Monitoring of SME at National Level. Analysis and Recommendations (prepared for GEMINI-PEDS)1997---
67.Deregulation of Labour Market1997---
68.Deregulation of Tax System1997---
69.Foreign Investment Withdrawals from Poland. Case Studies and Recommendations (report for PAIZ)1997---
70.Public Procurements on the Local Level. Communities and Entrepreneurs? Assessment1996---
71.Utility of Available Enterprise Databases1996---
72.Social Security System. A Threat for Public Finance?1996---
73.Entrepreneurship Development Strategy in Gdansk1996---
74.Investment Promotion in Municipalities1996---
75.Foreign Direct Investments Impact on Polish Economy ( prepared for PAIZ)1996---
76.Information Needs of SME1996---
77.Informal Sector in Foreign Trade1996---
78.Jobs Creation Opportunities within SME Sector in Gdansk Region (report for ILO - International Labor Organization)1996---
79.State Budget Reconstruction. Directions and Methods of Budget Expenditure Limitation1996---
80.Disability Benefits Reform1995---
81.Dilemmas and Opportunities of Rural Development1995---
82.Construction Enterprise in Market Economy1995---
83.Construction Companies Development in Polish Market Economy. Case Studies of Construction Companies1995---
84.Sources of Inflation in Poland1995---
85.Informal Labor Market1995---
86.Entrepreneurship Development in Rural Areas. Entrepreneurship as a Way to Restructuring in Rural Areas1995---
87.Economic Reform Today - special issue, Polish edition1995---
88.Polish Women in Private Businesses1994---
89.Ethics in Business Activity. A Code and Conference Materials1994---
90.A New Tax System for Poland. Analysis and Recommendation for a Tax Pact between the State and the Private Sector1993---

10 June 2014

Rapport project consortium has just released an online brochure, summarising the most relevant information about the project, its objectives, partnerships, results, resources.... Browse it!

8 January 2014

On 8 January 2014 the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development announced the second call for proposals in the framework of the project "Increasing regions' competitiveness through Corporate Social

16 December 2013

We are pleased to inform you that on 16 December 2014 during the session of the Regional Subject Network the final product of the innovative testing project "Employment

13 December 2013

We are pleased to inform you that on 13 December 2014 during the session of the Regional Subject Network the final product of the innovative testing project "ŁÓDZKIE

9 December 2013

The project rapport entitled "High Quality Job at Green Labour Market in mazowieckie voivodeship. Mechamisms, instruments and solutions for raising the number of well paid workplaces in mazowieckie

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